Annual Town Election - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Annual Town Election - Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nomination papers are available in the Town Clerks office.  The last day to pull nomination papers is Thursday, February 16th at 5:00 pm.

As of February 16th, the following nomination papers have been pulled:

Selectmen (3 year term):
Robert F. Brady Jr. *^
Eric Scott Beckerman^
Christopher Canducci^

Planning Board (5 year term):
Stephen J. McCarthy
Charles P. Comeau Jr.

Housing Authority (5 year term):
M. Janet Self Jensen *^

Housing Authority (2 year term):
Kevin M. Edwards ^

Housing Authority (1 year term):
Mildred I. DeMarco ^

Assessors (3 year term):
Kristin J. Kopke *^

Library Trustee (3 year term):
Paul Chute *^

Library Trustee (1 year term):
Julie A. Murray^

Constables - 2 openings (3 year term):
Frank P. Staffier *^
Sean Bastis *

Sewer Commission (3 year term):
Robert L. Pillarella *^

Board of Health (3 year term):
Ralph A. Jensen Jr. *^

Park & Recreation - 2 openings (3 year term):
Barbara Littlefield *^
Michael Lawler *^
Benjamin Paul Chapman^

School Committee - 2 openings (3 year term):
Tracy Hutchinson Sheehan *^
Rebecca Marie Lundgren

* Candidate for re-election.
^ Candidate has returned papers with the appropriate number of signatures.

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