Ruth Wilcox Art Quilts

Here is a small sampling of the beautiful art quilts by Ruth Wilcox on display at the Avon Public Library. The show will continue until the end of the month, March 2018.

Read her full bio:

Ruth Wilcox
Quilt Artist from Cape Cod

Ruth, came to be quilting, late, 20-25 years ago. She attended Rhode Island School of Design, graduating with a degree in art.

She is from DuBois, Pennsylvania. Her father sold and repaired, Singer Sewing machines and her mother did not sew. She came to sewing, by necessity. She needed a dress. In her family “freedom quilts” were made for the children going to college. Ruth still has a quilt made by her Great Aunt Jenny that is handmade and stuffed with raw cotton. It is considered a “make do quilt” or “utility quilt.”

It is the texture of fabric that intrigues, Ruth. It began when she was painting and added fabric to the painting. Paint and fabric are not the same and the colors “play” differently in paintings than they do when putting fabrics together. She tends to work slowly and doesn’t finish projects, as the design of the project is more interesting to her, than the finished work.

She thinks she has finished about 20 quilts. Fourteen are on display here, at the Avon Public Library. She finds her fabric in many different places. She especially likes Goodwill

Stores. She can find fabrics and textures that she can’t find other places, as they are not sold to the public as fabric. So, Ruth, will take things apart to use what she is looking for. She also, dyes cloth to achieve the color or design she is looking for. Ruth works intuitively, most of the time. On the cape, Ruth belongs to the Bay Berry Quilters and, Way Far Outs, from Cotuit.

“It is not the fabrics that go into the quilts, it’s the feelings.”