Snow Related Information

Snow Related Notices

A winter Parking Ban from November through April is in effect to aid in the clearing of streets in an efficient and safe manner.

A small pile of mixed sand and salt is located outside of the Highway Salt Shed located at the corner of West Main St. and Harrison Blvd. for use by Town Residents only. (Limit three 5 gallon pails per resident.)

Winter Tips to Help Avon Open up the Streets

The Avon DPW wants to provide the best possible service clearing our streets of snow and ice. Here are a few tips to help our crew do their job:

Medical or Police Emergencies:  If you have a medical or police emergency, call 911 or Avon Dispatch at (508) 588-6677. Ambulances and police  can usually access any property under most conditions. Town plows will accompany if needed.

Power Loss:  Please call National Grid directly at 1-800-322-3223

Downed Trees Blocking Traffic:  Please call Avon Dispatch at (508) 588-6677.

Don’t Drive:  Don't drive unnecessarily in a storm, especially during severe snowstorms and freezing rains. You endanger your life, and the lives of others, including first responders and emergency personnel

Parking Ban:  The Town has a parking ban prohibiting cars from being parked on public streets during the winter Vehicles that interfere with removing of ice and snow from any public way of the town are subject to a fine and the vehicle will be towed at the owner's expense.

Do not shovel snow into the road or have your driveway plowed into the road if you use a private plow  This can cause a serious traffic hazard. You may create liability for yourself if there is an accident as a result.   

Trash:  Do not place rubbish or recycling bins in the street during snow storms, as they will interfere with snowplowing. 

Mailboxes:  Help reduce the possibility of a broken mailbox post. Plow operators are urged to take precautions to avoid hitting mailbox posts; however, experience has shown that reduced visibility during a storm makes it difficult for a driver to see a mailbox post in time to avoid striking it or pushing it over with plowed snow. Any installation within the right-of-way, including a mailbox, is placed there at the owner's risk. Therefore, owners are encouraged to install mailboxes at the maximum usable distance from the edge of the roadway. Posts should also be checked for deterioration to reduce the possibility that the weight of the plowed snow may simply break the post.

Raised Plows:  Pease don't misinterpret trucks running with their plows raised, or on standby. They may be waiting for salt and chemicals to work loosening the bond between pavement and ice, allowing effective plowing may be returning for fuel or may be enroute to another area. 

Calls:  Avoid calling municipal offices during a storm for routine matters. Personnel are extremely busy dealing with storm conditions. It is best to keep telephone lines clear for emergencies. It is understandable that those with