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Avon has both the smallest land area and population of any community in the region.  It has a compact population density of over 1,000 persons per square mile, typical of many suburban communities.

Avon is considered to be a prestigious community located along Route 24, approximately twenty miles south of Boston.  The combination of good highway access and a positive attitude toward economic growth and development in the community has enabled the town to develop as a major employment center in the South Shore area.  The Avon Industrial Park, which has developed over the past 10 years, contains 127 firms who employ over 3,600 persons in a variety of occupations.  A recent expansion of the Industrial Park has made more sites available for development.  The Industrial Park location is proximate to Route 24 and separate from nearby residential areas.

The town is served by the Brockton Area Transit Authority and the MBTA, which provides convenient public transit service to Boston and Brockton.  Public transit has been an important asset to residents of the town and to the people who work in the community.

There are limited opportunities for new housing development in the community due to the town policy of preserving the suburban character of the community.  However, housing is available in many sound residential neighborhoods of the town.  Excellent community facilities and services are available, and the town has a favorable tax base.  Avon has a strategic location.  While the town has preserved its quiet, tranquil, suburban character, it is part of a metropolitan community with great advantages in terms of accessibility of health care, cultural, educational and recreational resources.

The Avon Industrial Commission is available to assist prospective firms in finding a suitable location and with questions of financing.  Avon welcomes inquiries from all interested parties.