Cultural Council

The Cultural Council members meet and review applications submitted to the Council from organizations, schools and other non-profit groups requesting State Grant money to finance their particular program. These programs must be in support of the Arts, Humanities and Interpretive Sciences as described in State regulations governing the actions of all local Councils through out the state. The Massachusetts Cultural Council determines how much of the “State Cultural budget” Avon will receive each year. The State will then review the decisions made by the Avon Council and issues their final approval (or disapproval) and submit funds to the Avon Town Treasurer which are then dispersed by the Avon Cultural Council to the grant recipients.

Examples of programs/projects that have been approved by the Avon Council:

  • Boy & girl scouts projects
  • Herb & gardening programs
  • Library programs
  • Museum & aquarium resident passes
  • Programs for seniors
  • Science & astronomy programs
  • Student school field trips
  • Town gazebo concerts

The Avon Cultural Council will meet 2 or 3 times a year.  Meetings are posted and listed in the Enterprise and the Boston Globe.  Members carry out certain clerical duties during each cycle such as making calls, mailings, purchases, distribution of application information, and keeping records.